How often does your kid with #Autism get hurt? -

How often does your kid with #Autism get hurt?

One of the big challenges we face with Gavin is his complete, total lack of self awareness. He’s also oblivious to his surroundings as well. Both of these challenges are very difficult to work with and often lead to problems like what we had this afternoon.

Gavin never seems to want to sit on the couch in our living room. He always sits on a folding chair, to the side of the couch and close to the fireplace. He’s a creature of habit and rarely deviates from this.

Unfortunately, there are times when Gavin is moving too quickly and not really thinking. When he goes to sit down, he sorta flings his head back and cracks it on the corner of the stone mantel. I don’t know how many times he’s done this, but today was a rough one for him.

He cracked his head pretty good. Despite reminding him to be careful and several times asking him to move his chair, he didn’t resulting in him hitting his head again.

He’s okay but it obviously hurt. We put ice on it for awhile and he’s feeling better.

Gavin is one of those kids who hurts himself walking up the stairs. He’s always getting hurt in bizarre ways. The poor kid is a walking talking accident waiting to happen and we’ve not been able to help him avoid these pitfalls.

Thankfully, nothing has ever been too serious.

Do any of you know own someone like this?

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