I could just scream right now

It’s been a day of sorta absorbing some kicks to the gut but I’m forging ahead anyway. 

I just received Elliott’s SSI application denial this afternoon.  It’s frustrating but only because of the reason for the denial. 

The most important records they needed, arrived too late to be considered. 

I could just scream right now. 

The potentially good news is that they should have them now, so if I appeal, there’s a chance to have them considered. 

I’m down but not out…… ☺


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Kim Gebhardt

Is this the fault of one of the doctor’s offices? Was Emmett’s approved?

Rob Gorski
When I spoke with SSI, they asked if I wanted to wait for all the records and I said yes. I didn’t care about the delay. I got the letter this afternoon and thethe records were faxed last week. It was denied because there was no information to backup the claims. These records would have put everything in context. They have them now so hopefully an appeal will fix this. Emmett’s is still in the process of records gathering. There was a computer glitch and record requests very went out. Everyone’s got the requests now and the records are all… Read more »

You are appealing this I hope? Get on it now!

Rob Gorski

Yup. I already have a call in and I’m hoping to hear back tomorrow.


Applications like this are almost always denied the first time(s). Just think of it as another step in the process.


My own got denied cause there was nothing wrong with my back. I never said there was anything wrong with my back. I have autism and bipolar disorder.

At the required back x rays they asked, “So where does your back hurt?”
“It doesn’t.”
“When did you start having problems with it?”
“I don’t.”
“Why are you here?”
“I don’t know.”

Later on in the process they sent me to see a doctor, a dermatologist of all things, who said he didn’t know what autism was and asked if it could be cured if I took medicine.

It’s been like two years and I am still under appeal.