Today’s #Autism and #Sensory Victory: New Food

One of the most challenging parts of easing three kids with Autism and sensory issues for me personally, is feeding them. 

My kids have so many proclivities when it comes to food. Elliott and Emmett are especially challenging for me to feed.

Among the most frustrating parts of this for me is how much food ends up getting wasted because they perceive that something is wrong with it or its not something that they can tolerate sensory wise. 

I’m always encouraging them to try new things without forcing anything on them be suse that would just be counter-productive in my view. 

It’s not like they have any control over this and they aren’t trying to be difficult. 

Elliott decided that he wanted to try a new flavor of yogurt and I told him that if he takes it, I really need him to finish it. 

I have to make our grocery budget last another two weeks and that’s not easy on a good day. 

Anyway, he tried it and liked it.  😀

That being said, Elliott is notorious for saying he likes something right away and then after a few minutes of eating or drinking that something new, he changes his mind. 

This was now exception. 

Towards the bottom, he decided that he didn’t like it cause it tasted funny. 

I asked him if he could at least try to finish it because a) it’s good for him and b) I hate wasting it. 

Without any griping or meltdowns, he calmly finished it and that was it.  😀

I would never force him to finish it but with a bit of gentle encouragement, he’s was able to try something new, end up not liking it and still finish it so it wasn’t wasted and he got some protein and calcium. .  ☺

That’s a victory as far as I’m concerned. 

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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