My kids will get their #flushot today and here’s why

My kids will get their #flushot today and here’s why

I’m going to make this brief because there’s no way to reach the unreasonable but my hope is to connect with those willing to listen.

We are taking our 3 kids to get their flu shots today. My wife already got hers and I’m getting mine next week. We do this every single year and I wanted to briefly explain why we do this, as well as encourage everyone to at least consider doing the same.

A very common misconception is that the flu is no big deal. Many people don’t even understand what the flu actually is. We very often refer to stomach bugs as the flu and that’s not accurate. The flu is a very common respiratory infection that can be deadly to the very young, very old and for those with compromised immune systems. Those undergoing chemotherapy are at risk. People like my son Gavin, who has CVID, are highly susceptible to the flu as well because their immune systems are severely compromised.

The flu vaccine helps to protect not only the person who receives it, but also the people they come into contact with.

According to the Washington Post, about 80,000 people died from the flu during the 2017-2018 flu season. The flu can be very, very serious and tens of thousands die each year.

One of the most effective ways to help to prevent the flu is by getting vaccinated each year. The flu vaccine saves lives.

We vaccinate our family every single year because it protects us and those around us. Gavin has a severely compromised immune system and us getting vaccinated helps to keep him safe.

Please consider getting the flu shot this year. You can get vaccinated at most pharmacies, clinics, doctors offices and hospitals. It’s inexpensive and covered by most insurance. There are even free clinics, where the vaccine will cost you nothing.

You don’t get sick from the vaccine. The virus is inactive and cannot infect you or anyone else. If you get sick, it’s because you were already getting sick and is unrelated to the vaccine. There are many myths floating around but Harvard Medical has put together a comprehensive list of common flu myths and debunks them.

Please seriously consider getting the flu shot. Protect yourself and those you love..

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Annie Ament

All of my kids are getting their flu shot. My youngest almost died from RSV and has been hospitalized every flu season. I get it as well because I work with seniors

Suzanne Olsen

Good stuff. It won’t stop them getting a cold. It will stop them from getting nasty things.

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