I’m a Daddy on the verge of losing his mind

At the risk of sounding like a selfish asshole, my kids are unbearable at times when they’re sick. 

The whining and fighting is just too much sometimes. 

You’d think that not feeling well would slow them down but nope…. Emmett’s running a fever and Elliott is actually feeling better as the day goes on but they are at each other’s throats and bouncing off of everything in sight.

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Everyone’s had their meds and it’s not seeming to help out much today. 

To quote one of my all time favorite movies,  I’m a donkey on the edge….


All joking aside, I’m not angry with my kids.  That’s not to say I’m not frustrated and wanting to run away screaming.  It’s not their fault but knowing that doesn’t always make the behavior any easier to bare…

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At the end of the day, I’m human. 

I get frustrated, tired, tired some more and completely overwhelmed but that doesn’t change that I have amazing kids,  whom I love more than anything in the world..