BAD NEWS: Both boys came home from school sick today :(

Sorry for my absence today but it’s been absolutely crazy day but between work and everything else, I’ve been occupied.

I was able to walk this morning after taking the boys to school and I hit the treadmill twice afterwards too.  ☺


Shortly after lunch, I got a call from the school because Emmett was running a fever and wasn’t feeling good. 

The secretary said that there’s all kinds of nastiness floating around the school right now and we aren’t alone.

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I brought Elliott home as well because it only made sense logistically but when I saw him walking down the hall, I could see he wasn’t feeling well either.

The rest of the day has been chaos. 

Gavin’s infusion was really painful for some reason but he handled it like a champ. 

Emmett and Elliott didn’t get along much at all because when they’re sick, they’re very sensitive to everything and end up driving each other crazy. 

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I was able to get everyone in bed but at some point, both the boys woke up and each claimed a couch. 

It’s pretty apparent that they aren’t feeling well.

It’s going to be a really, really long night.