The house is silent and it's kinda freaking me out -

The house is silent and it’s kinda freaking me out

The boys are in bed.  Whether or not they actually go to bed is a different story entirely.

That said, all I can hear right now is Maggie snoring on the couch next to me.  It’s actually kinda creepy quite here at the moment..  lol

I sorta feel like I should make sure everyone’s still upstairs but doing so may result in someone waking up and that’s just not a risk I’m willing to take right now.. This never happens and I’m going to take advantage.. ☺

Anyway, the boys do appear to finally be on the road to recovery but I still want to get them into the doctors in the am. I have to call and see if they can be seen. 

Apparently, there’s a ton of stuff going around and their schedules fill up quickly.

I think I’m going to embrace this tiny bit of motivation I’ve discovered and fold some laundry. It’s not much but it’s forward progress and that’s what matters..  ☺

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