Don’t let life’s challenges distract you from what really matters

This post was written a few months ago and never published here. I want to share it anyway because I feel it’s a good message

Sometimes life can be pretty darn shitty. There are challenges upon challenges that can become major distractions that pull ones attention away from what really matters.

There are plenty of times that I feel like the poster child for the above situation.

If you follow my story and read this blog on a semi-regular basis, you know that things haven’t been going so well for me.

The boys and I have been on our own since my wife (their mother) walked out over a year ago.

It’s probably fair to say that I have a little bit on my plate. I’m going through a divorce that has broken my heart in more ways than I can explain. I’m trying desperately to help my three boys with Autism get through this traumatic life change, with as little permanent scaring as possible.

At the same time, I’m at war with my own demons known as depression, working from home because I have no help with my kids and can’t work outside the house, all while I continue to provide support in various forms, to the Autism and Special Needs communities.

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I quite often find myself utterly overwhelmed by everything. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed by just part of everything that’s going on.

My kids are struggling to adjust to our new journey and it’s not always pretty or graceful. My oldest with fragile health is beginning to have some concerning health issues again as well.

While I’m really trying to be a positive person, I tend to become overrun by these challenges and I lose sight of what’s most important.

It’s so easy to become distracted by or hyper focused on the challenges that need to be overcome, just to make it through the day and if doing so was a crime, I’m guilty on all accounts.

Having said all of the above, I want to share something else as well.

There are moments in each day that we are often moving too fast to notice. These moments are brief and yet if we can just slow things down enough to actually experience one of these moments, we can be reminded why we are doing all of this in the first place.

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I had one of those moments tonight.

My kids were outside in the backyard catching fireflies to feed their toad. I was sorta looking at this as a chore because it was something we had to do in order to feed the roads they rescued over the Fourth of July.

I joined them catching fireflies tonight and I found myself getting caught up in the moment.

We were racing around the yard, trying to arrive at the locations we last saw that beautiful yellow glow of the fireflies, before the disappeared into the night.

I ended up taking a few steps back and realized that this is what’s it’s all about.

This wasn’t about feeding their hungry toads, not really anyway.  This was about experiencing the wonder of childhood and remembering that no matter what challenges I faced before that moment or will be facing afterwards, my kids were giggling, carefree and dare I say it…………happy. 😀

Isn’t that one of our main goals as a parent?

Your moments can and will be different than mine but hopefully, after reading this, you’re more aware of what to look for now. 👍