My first Thanksgiving without my kids

As long as Elliott and Emmett have been alive, we’ve been together for every single holiday. 

I never envisioned a time where that would change, especially for the reasons it has but as with many things in life, we have to adjust and move forward. 

The boys will be spending Wednesday night and then celebrating Thanksgiving with their Mom and extended family. 

I’m happy that the boys will have this opportunity but at the same time, I’ll be left without the three most precious things in my life, on a holiday that’s all about family to me. 

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I know I have them all the time but that makes it harder to be without them.

There’s little doubt in my mind that the boys will have fun and get to spend some time with their cousins.  That’s really important to me because whether my wife likes it or not, they’re still my family. 

I want the boys to be connected to them in a meaningful way, even if I can no longer be myself. 

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As for me, I’ll spend Thanksgiving with my family.  Hardly anyone is going to be there but it will be nice to be able to visit with my family without having to worry about the boys. 

That’s a positive piece to come out of this. 

I’m afraid I won’t be much fun on Thursday but at least I won’t be alone and frankly, this is something that I must get used to.  It’s all part of the unpleasant side effects of divorce…

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The positive take away from this is that the boys should have fun and I’ll get a break….

Here’s to new traditions and new milestones.. ☺

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