MOVING FORWARD THIS CHRISTMAS: Perfectly Imperfect and Beautifully Simple

The boys and I put up our Christmas tree this evening.  It still feels weird being just the 4 of us but we did just fine on our own. ☺


Holidays are still rough for me because at some point the boys will be gone and visiting with their Mom but I never get a chance to spend time with what I’ve lost because what I’ve lost no longer exists. 

It is slowly getting easier though and while I haven’t figured out the how’s and what’s in regards to Christmas for the kids, I will make the absolute best out of whatever the situation ends up being.


The logistics for the boys with their Mom is tentatively worked out and that makes it easier.

Aside from having my kids, I’m really very grateful that visitations and holidays are not a battleground as they are with so many divorced couples.  ☺

My hope is that I can end this year on a positive note and go into with things finally looking up for the myself and the boys..

Life is never perfect but it’s so important to be grateful for what you do have because you never know when it could be taken away..  ☺

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2 Comments on "MOVING FORWARD THIS CHRISTMAS: Perfectly Imperfect and Beautifully Simple"

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Ellen Beck

Youre going into this with a positive attitude and that will help a whole lot.
I will tell you something I learned long ago “there ain’t no such thing as a Walton Christmas” (if youre old enough to know who the Walltons were this makes more sense.)
You arre blessed- you have your kids, you are warm,, dry and fed. It isnt perfect, but it is what you have where you are and thats where you are meant to be.

Rob Gorski

I’m aware of the Waltons but I don’t know if I’ve ever watched them.. ☺

You know, I think you hit it right in the head. Nothing is perfect and life is stressful but I have all that really matters. ☺