Does the world have realistic expectations of #SpecialNeeds Parents?

This is going to possibly rub some people the wrong way but I think it’s important to discuss, nonetheless. 

Do you think that the world has realistic expectations of Special Needs Parents?


This is a pretty simple question but the answer is likely very complex and and anything but simple. 

I happen to personally feel that the world is largely out of touch with what special needs families contend with on a daily basis. 

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I also happen to think that the world tends to not cut special needs families a break either.

I don’t feel like everyone is looking for a free ride, although perhaps some do.  Speaking for myself, I would just really appreciate a level playing field.  I’m not really sure how to do that but perhaps taking my situation into account when making up the rules, would be a fair place to start. 

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So what do you think?

Does the world have realistic expectations of Special Needs Parents? Why or why not?

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