Elliott’s EEG: I don’t even know what to say about this but here’s what happened

Update: First let me apologize for not updating you a until now.  It’s been any absolutely exhausting day. It’s been an exhausting day on a number of levels.  For now, I just want to bring everyone up to speed on Elliott’s EEG from earlier today.  image Elliott ended up doing really, really well.  He was extremely nervous at first and after a bit of tears, he got in the zone.  After the EEG was completed, we met with the nurse practitioner and after that, we met with the doctor. 

The doctor explained the EEG from today was clear and that there are absolutely no signs of seizure activity.  This is amazing news.  She then asked me why I was so concerned.  I explained that Elliott’s Mom had witnessed a seizure when he was much younger and then some additional concerning behavior about 3 years later. 

With everything that has gone on over the last 3 or 4 years with Gavin, Lizze and I remember what happened in this particular situation very differently. 

It’s a very difficult situation because when you have multiple kids having serious health issues, all at the same time, sometimes things get confusing. 

I thought he had a history of seizure activity because I took what I had been told at face value and never even thought to question it. As it turns out, there is absolutely no history of anything even resembling a seizure. Whatever she saw, wasn’t a seizure. 

The doctor informed me this afternoon that  she went over all his precious records, including the past EEG’s and everything was clean.  I didn’t even know what to say. I felt a whole bunch of things in that moment, confusion being one of them.

She explained that there aren’t even any notes that mention anything about Elliott being primed and ready for seizures.  She gave me copies of all the reports to confirm this and put to rest any concerns or fears I’d had for the last few years. 

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