Thoughts and Prayers are needed today

Do you ever feel like there’s some ominous force that’s dropping shitbombs into your life and screaming dance motherfucker dance?

Last night and this morning have been total nightmares. 

In order to keep Elliott awake as long as possible, I had to set him up in the living room.  Emmett had to be setup there as well because he’s scared to be alone. 


A little bit past their normal bedtime, Emmett wanted to go to sleep upstairs but I had to keep Elliott awake, so I ended up drawing pictures on Emmett’s back so he’d fall asleep on the couch, with one hand.  The other hand was used to keep shaking Elliott awake (gently of course).

This went on for what felt like forever.

Elliott fell asleep about 10:30pm because he was in tears.  He was so tired and just wanted to sleep. 

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They wanted him kept up past his normal bedtime and we did that.  I figured I’d let him sleep and then I’d stay up all night, waking him about every 30 minutes.  This would ensure that he would really get any restful sleep and that’s the whole point. 

I finally gave up at 3:30 AM because I had to be able to drive.

When everyone got up, Emmett wanted nothing to do with school.  He wasn’t feeling good and he’s stressed out.  Those were his words, not mine. 

As it turns out, that ominous force I spoke of earlier dropped a giant shitbomb.  This shitbomb was in the form of a brand spanking new fever cycle. 

In fairness to that ominous force, I’ve seen this cycle coming over the last day or so.  It just happened to be today that it hit and be clean disrupting Emmett’s life. 

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My Mom was here to take Emmett to school and Gavin back to her house so I could focus on Elliott but with Emmett refusing to go to school, we had a problem.. 

I tired to work him through whatever was going on for over 30 minutes but he was obviously miserable and I didn’t have the time to continue on this course. 

Emmett ended up going back to my Mom’s house with Gavin and will snuggle up on the couch and wait for me to come home. 

It was the only way to make this work.  Emmett was absolutely freaked out about Elliott’s EEG because we talked about what seizures were and all he wanted to do was go with us. 

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There was no way to make that work cause I’m taking Elliott on my own and Emmett can’t be with us during the EEG. 

I gave Emmett an Advil before he left with my Mom and Gavin.  That will eventually reduce the fever cycle symptoms which were playing a large role him his struggle this morning. 

Elliott and I will be on our way shortly and I’ll update when I can..

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