Do you ever feel like you’re failing your kids? I sure as Hell do!!

Do you ever feel like you’re failing your kids? I sure as Hell do!!

Life for the boys and I, has been a real struggle this past year or so.  Anytime there’s a significant upset in the home, kids are the very first to pay the price. 

I’ve taken exhaustive measures to ensure that the boys get through this in one piece. 


Everyone’s in therapy to help us heal and move forward.  When my wife left a year ago this past October, it shattered all of our lives. 

As time has gone on, I’m only just beginning to see the long term impact this has had on both myself and the boys. 

Gavin’s doing better than he ever has before and I mean ever before. 

Emmett struggles a great deal but his struggles manifest as tummy aches, a resurgence of past health problems, frequent nightmares and constant sleep disturbances.

For the most part, Emmett still functions and does exceptionally well at school, assuming I can get him to go. 

Elliott on the other hand, is a truly heartbreaking story.  They’re both heartbreaking but Elliott’s struggle impacts his everyday life. 

He’s an emotional mess and it’s really hard to know where to even begin to help him. 

Historically, Elliott’s done amazingly well in school and was at the top of his class.  This school year however, things have changed. 

I received his report card in the mail today and he’s significantly struggling in nearly every area. 

I’m so heartbroken to see him struggling so much with everything at school.  It seems like anxiety likely plays a large role in this stuff at school. 

We see Dr. Pattie on Tuesday and this will be one of the topics we discuss. 

I’m completely committed to helping him pull through this. Elliott is extremely intelligent but it seems like all this shit in his life is taking its toll. 

I’m feeling pretty shitty right now because it’s my job to help him and I just can’t find anything that works.  I feel like I’m failing him and that’s not going to work.

Life is never perfect and perfection isn’t even on my radar.  All I want is for the boys to happy and healthy.  I want them to reach their potential in life and that includes school. 

Whatever it takes….. Whatever it takes..

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