Emmett’s off his ADHD meds and it isn’t pretty

So I went to refill Emmett’s on Saturday, only to find out that he was out if refills. 

He shouldn’t be out of refills because there should be at least another months worth stored at the pharmacy but apparently it appears as though when the doctors office faxed the scripts in, they didn’t do 3 months worth like they always have before. 

I’ve got a call in to the doctors office but will say this, my God, Emmett is literally bouncing off the walls, his brothers, the dog and anything else he can. 

For the love of God, please call these meds in today because I’m not going to survive a week of this. 

Between the , impulsiveness and the fallout from the holidays, my sanity is truly being tested today.


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  • Kim Gebhardt

    While I understand that the doctor’s office may have shorted a month on the fax, that’s really not an excuse for running out. Every prescription bottle I have tells me how many refills I have. Honestly, given how many medications your boys are on, I would expect that you’d be more on top of this than the average parent.

    • Wow Kim. Sorry I don’t live up to your expectations.

      • Kim Gebhardt

        Spare us your martyrdom, Rob. I have sympathy for your situation, but there would likely be a lot more (in general, not just from me) if you actually attempted to help yourself once in a while and stop throwing everyone but yourself under the bus. You say that you quit your job in order to take care of your , so it is *literally your job* to make sure that the meds are straight, yet this is the 2nd time in as many weeks that one of the boys has had a problem, the first being when Gavin’s infusion supplies were short and you threw the company and himself under the bus while pretending to take responsibility. This time the doctor’s office didn’t do what they usually do, therefore Emmett has skipped his meds and is bouncing off the walls. Where does it stop? When do you finally say that you screwed up without blaming someone else for why you did it? You’re human. You’re going to make mistakes. Stop blaming everyone else. Man up and own your mistakes. And then learn from it and do better. Your kids deserve that much.

        • Jimmy Rock

          Wow. I’ll make a different kind of comment. How about this…a lot of the major pharmacies have apps where you can set alerts/reminders to fill your prescriptions. The app could also remind you how many refills you have left, if any. Or set up reminders yourself on your phone. With so many medications to manage, and important ones, too, I wouldn’t want to leave it to memory or trust in a doctor’s office to do what they’re supposed to. Plus it’s something that lends itself to automating. Take advantage of that so that you don’t get tripped up on something that can be easily avoided. Good luck!

          • That’s true but that doesn’t work for controlled substances. Thanks Jimmy.

            I manage almost 2 dozen medications and I have a schedule on my calendar to track the number of refills left.


        • Adderall comes with no refills because you need a script for each refill. I could look at the bottle all day and it would always say no refills.

          It’s set up in my calendar to pick up new scripts every 3 months and it’s been that way since the start.

          I drove to the pharmacy to get his refill with the remaining script on file and he was out of refills. He’s supposed to have 1 more but they only sent 2 over this time for some reason.

          I’m not sure why you’ve become so hostile as its truly unwarranted. Maybe you’re having a bad day or something but take it elsewhere.

          Franky, you’re out of line. I manage almost 2 dozen medications and rarely have an issue. I’m not perfect and certainly not a martyr. I make mistakes just like everyone else.

          I really hope you have a good day.

          • Kim Gebhardt

            How is this out of line? You are the one who presented the line and I didn’t stray from it. I will agree that it’s probably harsh, but it’s also probably true and I think that’s what you’re taking exception to. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s how they’re handled that makes a difference.

            • Kim, you have a nice day

            • Karalyn Fett

              It must be a lot of work being so perfect.

  • Darcy Dallin

    We are in the process of weaning my son off three , , aniexty meds to hopefully get him started on just one that covers it all! His attitude & behavior had been awful.

  • MBee

    So, it would be more accurate to say that the doctors office didn’t fax the number of ‘new’ prescriptions that they usually do? After this, you probably will add a reminder to call the pharmacy to double check during the week before your expected pick-up.

    Even though your rx app doesn’t allow for this type of tracking / reminder – your calendar can. Maybe when you are checking the inventory of Gavin’s supplies.

    Or, maybe you (or those around you) could develop an app for parents/patients who have a similar problem. (ie, Multiple meds & vitamins to purchase).

  • Alyssa Rogers Williams

    It’s so easy to have this happen, I sympathize. I have severe migraines and we travel nationally for our daughter’s tennis tournaments and despite vigilance have had pharmacy and/or Doctor’s office not follow through on occasions. I just had to have my husband pick up a transfer in the early hours from Dallas to Tucson (love the CVS app) because shorted one precious pill (non narcotic migraine triptan). I have one neurotypical child and a hell of a lot less on my plate. No matter how vigilant, things can slip through the cracks. Shit happens. Should I have counted? Yep. But I trusted the pharmacist as I was busy going to catch a plane.

    If you look at what Rob does alone on a daily basis with three kids with difficult problems and a zillion meds, I think it’s miraculous things like this don’t happen more often.

    Kim, I agree with so much of what you say, but I don’t see any martyrdom, just sharing an experience.

    • I was thinking about this last night. Here’s the reality. When a person is dealing with a very challenging situation and it’s sometimes all they can do to get hough the day, that person becomes reliant on everyone to play their part.

      If the doctors office is supposed to have sent in 3 months worth of to the pharmacy and it turns out that they don’t this time, it throws everything off.

      There are so many moving pieces in my daily life and there’s zero chance that I can stay on top of everything all the time. I have to rely on the professionals in my life to do what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it.

      Sometimes things happen and there’s a hiccup. Maybe the third prescription got lost in fax limbo.

      Should I have talked to the pharmacy and made sure they’d received all the scripts? Sure. Perhaps I became too dependent on them but sometimes you really do just have to rely on others to do their job. There’s just no way around it sometimes.

      I wasn’t mad at the doctor and I’m still not.

      Like you said, I was simply sharing my experience. Shit happens sometimes and there’s nothing you can do but wade through it and get to the other side.

      Thank You so much for all your support and understanding.. ☺

      • Kim Gebhardt

        I know you think I’m being a wretched bitch these days and maybe I am, but I have an honest question.

        When you drop the boys off at , what do you do with your day? I know is at home with you, but he seems pretty low maintenance these days. I am sincerely curious what fills your days, because reading the blog makes it sound like, unless there’s a doctor’s appointment, you go walk the track (or the treadmill when it was working) and then go home and nap.

        • Kim, you have a happy New Year… ☺

          • Kim Gebhardt

            I hope you and the boys have a happy and safe New Year.

    • Kim Gebhardt

      Alyssa, the martyrdom comment came from his initial response to me ‘apologizing’ for ‘not living up to my expectations’. That said, I understand that mistakes happen and sometimes all the things people are trying to keep up with get out of hand, but taking care of the boys is Rob’s job. I don’t mean that it’s his job because he’s their father, I mean it in the literal sense. He says he quit his paying profession to be a stay at home parent and take care of and the boys, yet this is the second mistake in regards to in two weeks. I might understand it a little more if he was also juggling a full time job, but that’s not the case. And like I said in my earlier posts, mistakes happen to everyone, but own up to them and stop throwing blame all over the place. It’s really okay to admit that you made a mistake. No one is perfect.

      • Alyssa Rogers Williams

        Sorry, didn’t see this earlier, we’ve been traveling.

        Like I’ve said before you echo what I’m thinking quite a lot in your comments…many times I don’t comment because you’ve already elucidated what I’m thinking already, lol, but I still think this fits in the “shit happens” category. I get a little pissy and blame the pharmacist too when I’m shorted on my precious and (even with insurance) crazy expensive migraine . Four pills with my insurance are $50 instead of ….drum roll…$2,300…..(this is how f’d up our healthcare system is now more than ever) . I peeked, thought I had 4, turns out was 3, one blister in the pack empty and I was at a huge tennis tourney in AZ for my daughter. I blamed and in colorful language too. But to err is human , in the end, ’twas just a mistake, and I have a life of leisure compared to Rob’s. I just never got the vibe that he wasn’t taking responsibility, he was just frustrated.

        Thanks for the clarification though. 🙂