I had to call 911 again :(

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It’s been one Hell of a New Years day and not really in a good way.  🙁

I rung in the new year by calling the police again because my neighbor, the same one with the kids involved in the 3 violent street brawls, was outside in the middle of the street having a domestic throw down with some guy. 

This was 1:41am and she was cursing up a storm.  She was pissed off about something and decided to kindly make it everyone’s problem. 


Anywhere I went in my house, it was so loud that they might and well have been having this fight in my living room. 

Who does that? I try not to judge but goddammit these people are disrupting everyone’s lives and they’ve only been here a few months.

I don’t know this family and I’m not sure what the dynamic is because there’s a few people living there and I don’t know who belongs to who. What I do know is they have zero respect of anyone around them. 

If it’s this bad during the winter, what’s the summer going to look like?

I’m so tired of this shit….

Anyway, that sorta killed my chances of falling asleep at a decent hour and set the tone for the upcoming day.

New Years day pretty much followed suit. 

We had some highs and lows but the lows were really tough.  I’ll follow up with what happened a little later on. 

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3 Comments on "I had to call 911 again :("

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Ellen Beck

Keep calling so there is a history of calls and make sure you mention the exact street address

Shawn Snowdon

Oh man…….so sorry to hear you are having so many issues with this neighbor sad I can only imagine that if they are still around in summer the problem will just be magnified. It will be even worse when there are a bunch of kids outside playing and crap like that is going on. *sigh* Prayers going up.

Alyssa Rogers Williams
Yikes. That’s insane. I’m not trying to pry (just offer possible alternative )and it seems you own your home since you’re stuck with your own repairs…. but do you have enough equity in the house to just sell, sock it away and go rent somewhere safer? Obviously home ownership is preferable and I am one of those that feels renting is just pissing away money but you have really special circumstances….and when you can’t even enjoy your porch or yard in the warm months…. it might be something to explore, especially if your app gets momentum. And also, aren’t utilities… Read more »