I got a phone call from the school today

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After all of this mornings excitement, I was really tired and dozed off on the couch while Gavin was drawing on the adjacent couch. 

As soon as I closed my eyes, the phone rang. 

It was the school. 🙁


Apparently Emmett began running a fever at school again.  I should probably qualify what the school considers a fever. 

The schools policy is that any temp 99.5°F or higher, requires that the child be sent home. 

Emmett was 99.4°F at first but made it upwards of 100°F+. It’s not anything major and he was otherwise asymptomatic but it’s still a problem..

It’s a problem that may end up keeping him home again tomorrow..

It’s a problem that could result in him losing his place at OT/PT because they have the same policy and he’s already missed 2 of his last three appointments for these stupid fevers. 

While theirs no way to know for sure, I’m reasonably certain that this is a another fever cycle. 

I’m not sure what to do with this and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed….

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4 Comments on "I got a phone call from the school today"

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Kim Gebhardt

Does ibuprofen bring the fever down, and is he showing the mouth sores that usually show up with the fever flares? Hadn’t the fever cycles stopped for a while? I feel like you used to post about them pretty frequently but hadn’t seen much about them in a while.

Rob Gorski

They did seem to stop in 2014 but they started back up after his Mom left. The immunologist says it was probably stress that kickstarted it again.

I’ve written about quite a few of them since this blog started but they aren’t as bad as they used to be and present differently.

Kim Gebhardt

I’ve seen them mentioned a few times but thought they had mostly stopped. Poor kid. I feel like 99.5 is somewhat extreme for the school to send him home. It’s not even a full degree above ‘normal’, and some people run hot. I tend to run cool and 98.6 is feverish for me.

Rob Gorski

It is sorta extreme but in a population of kids that will spread any germs they have like the it’s nobodies business, it’s a necessary evil…..