I got a phone call from the school today

After all of this mornings excitement, I was really tired and dozed off on the couch while Gavin was drawing on the adjacent couch. 

As soon as I closed my eyes, the phone rang. 

It was the school. 🙁


Apparently Emmett began running a fever at school again.  I should probably qualify what the school considers a fever. 

The schools policy is that any temp 99.5°F or higher, requires that the child be sent home. 

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Emmett was 99.4°F at first but made it upwards of 100°F+. It’s not anything major and he was otherwise asymptomatic but it’s still a problem..

It’s a problem that may end up keeping him home again tomorrow..

It’s a problem that could result in him losing his place at OT/PT because they have the same policy and he’s already missed 2 of his last three appointments for these stupid fevers. 

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While theirs no way to know for sure, I’m reasonably certain that this is a another fever cycle. 

I’m not sure what to do with this and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed….

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