I made a significant change to the treatment of my #depression

I was so stressed out and nervous about going to the doctors today that my blood pressure was really high, as was my heart rate. 

My BP was 140/91 and my heart rate was 105bpm…

I don’t know why I get so nervous but I do. 


Anyway, my big issue today was addressing my depression and managing it a better than it currently is. 

I’ve been on 40mg of Paxil for years and lately it just isn’t helping as much as it used to.  There’s a number of reasons for that but only one real solution. 

Rather than change medications altogether, we opted to add a second medication instead. 

Here’s a list of things I’m struggling with:

1) Tired
2) Difficulty sleeping
3) Lack of energy
4) Lack of motivation
5) Foggy thoughts

This is just a few of the symptoms I’m experiencing but it’s enough for me to recognize that I need more help than I’m getting.

Wellbutrin has been added to my daily routine and with any luck, the dosage will be right the first time and things will begin to get better. 

You can’t just take medication and expect to get better.  Climbing out of depression is hard work and requires changes in your life when possible. 

Things like exercising, removing alcohol and or smoking from your life is important.  Talking to someone you trust is extremely important as well. 

I don’t smoke or drink, so I’m good there. I also exercise whenever possible because I can feel a difference after walking a few miles at a good pace. 

Anyway, I don’t know my cholesterol levels yet because I need blood work for that. 

I’m feeling pretty okay about this appointment but I am a little frustrated with myself for not losing the weight. 

All things in good time though..  ☺

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4 Comments on "I made a significant change to the treatment of my #depression"

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Kim Gebhardt
Are you on blood pressure medication? I’m curious because 140/91 is high, but not super high for someone with a preexisting issue combined with white coat anxiety. The things you list are classic symptoms of depression, so it’s good that you’re getting help for that. Has your PCP referred you to a therapist? I know you talk to Dr. Pattie, but I think you would benefit from talking to someone who is just for you. I know you’re worried that a new therapist would never believe the story of your life, but it can’t really hurt to give it a… Read more »
Rob Gorski

Kim, I agree with you 100%… That’s something I’m going to be doing. I take my BP at home periodically and so I know it was unusually high. White coat anxiety is what the nurse called it too. ☺

Kim Gebhardt

White coat anxiety is pretty common. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t have a name for it. : ) Did he or she refer you to a therapist? You need someone just for you.

Rob Gorski

No she didn’t but I can do that in my own…