How I’m preparing my family for #COVID19

With COVID19 spreading across the globe, the CDC has said it’s not a matter of if but when. While panic isn’t advisable, being prepared is.

My kids are concerned about the virus impacting us directly. They’re far too smart to be placated and rather than try, only to make things worse, I’ve decided to take a different approach.

I’ve explained the facts, as I know them, and helped them to better understand and put COVID19 into perspective. It’s incredibly important to only get information from reputable sources. Those sources include the CDC, public health officials and trained medical professionals. My personal source of information is a new friend of mine, Dr. Tara Smith.

You may recall she was a guest on the pod this season. You can listen below.

Anyway, accurate, factual, medical and scientifically sound information is critical in situations like this.

In order to make sure that my family is prepared, without freaking the kids out, I’ve decided to make this a fun challenge. My kids and I used to build these Minecraft worlds and then unleash a ton of Zombies. The goal was to stockpile enough supplies that we could survive a zombie apocalypse. It’s been a fun Minecraft thing that we’ve all enjoyed.

I figured I would take a similar approach. With that in mind, I decided that the kids and I would prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse. The kids think it’s a fun idea and it takes a bit of the fear out of the picture, while still taking things seriously.

We’re doing relatively simple things to prepare and learning as we go. Here’s some of that we’re doing:

  • Stockpiling water
  • Stockpiling nonparishable food
  • Batteries
  • Basic medical supplies
  • Stockpiling pet food
  • Make sure all medications are refilled
  • Stockpiling hand soap
  • Stockpiling hand sanitizer
  • Stockpiling disinfectant
  • Stockpiling tissues
  • AM/FM radio

These are just a few of the things we’re collecting in order to be prepared. I’m also focusing on making sure we using proper hand washing techniques. We’re saving hand sanitizer for a backup and making sure that soap and water are our first line of defense.

These are all things we should probably have on hand anyway. Our goal is to be able to socially isolate ourselves for 30 days, should the need present itself.

We’re trying to be prepared for whatever may come our way. While we’re not panicking, we’re trying to be smart about everything.

Please remember to be smart. Listen to experts in the public health field and make sure you get your flu shot. Take care of yourself because the healthier you are, the better off you are. If you’re sick, stay home and isolate yourself. Seek medical help if needed. Follow the latest news from the and remember to remain calm.

Keep in mind that COVID is not the only virus you should worry about. Check out to know more about viruses and bacteria to deal them and protect your family.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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