I feel like I’m on the verge of an anxiety attack

It’s actually been a really productive day.  I’m working on a post to detail all the happenings but needed to vent for a few minutes. 

Myself, Elliott and Emmett have been up since 2am this morning. 

Both boys came home from school in a pretty good-ish mood. As the day has moved on however, they have both begun to unravel. 

They have been at each other’s throats since before Dr. Pattie’s tonight.

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I would imagine that sleep deprivation is likely a major cause of this unraveling but OMG do they have me stressed out.  The fighting and bickering is driving me crazy. 


I just finished putting them to bed and I’m praying that Emmett will fall asleep because I’m about to punch the fucking time clock and try to unwind. 

To be completely honest, I feel like I’m on the verge of an anxiety attack.  You know, when you feel so anxious that you’re physically shaking..

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There’s nothing on TV tonight so I think I’ll do some graphic design work and perhaps get some writing done.  I’m going to be losing my laptop for awhile because it needs serviced before the warranty expires next month.

I need to get some things done before that happens. 

This site is managed almost exclusively from my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Please forgive any typos as auto-correct HATES me. 😉

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