I have a very serious question about stress

I’ve had this question for awhile now and I’ve not been able to find a decent answer.  I’m wondering if any of you have ever thought of this and if so, what are your thoughts?

People ask me all the time, how do you do it?


I get that question more than anything else but it’s a pretty good question. It’s a difficult question to answer but in answering it one time, something occurred to me and it’s bothered me ever since. 

A person’s life can be extremely stressful (think Autism Parenting for example), and I mean to the point where people actually have no idea how you survive. We’re talking serious levels of stress.

The person in question has become so used to the stress that they aren’t even aware of it anymore, unless something new comes up. 

We all know how physically and emotionally devastating stress can be on the human body.

My question is this:

If a person becomes so used to the stress in their life, that they become unaware of its continued presence, does it still have the second impact on their body?

I feel like being used to the stress and becoming unaware of its continued presence is both scary and dangerous. 

What do you think???

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3 Comments on "I have a very serious question about stress"

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I’m afraid to even type this cuz I might jinks myself. I’m seriously surprised I have not had a heartattack. I’m on high blood pressure meds, but it might not be enough. I’m soo stressed that it’s just another medical condition that I don’t pay enough attention to it, like I try to ignore all my other problems. I know I need to do much better in taking care of myself, but my outrageous stress level is just another stress! Hopefully I’ll take things one at a time & my stress will work itself out.

Julie Sullivan Relunia

My normal answer is.. He’s my baby. How can I NOT do it? What would the alternative be?

I don’t stress about anything that doesn’t require immediate attention.. Lol.. Is the stress of caring for my son impacting my future health? Probably… Is there anything I can do about it Now? No. Therefore, its off my radar. The manlette won’t always be this hard.. He is progressing.. Things will get better.. My mantra.. Things will get better.

Alyssa Rogers Williams
I’m late to reading many posts this week, this is a serious question that has a very serious answer. It’s vital you get your stress levels down. While you may become an expert at managing crises, the body is continually put in a fight or flight visceral response. Rather than go on and on, here’s a helpful link I gave to someone, but you can find lots of info on the subject. You’re basically prematurely aging your systems. This is why I was so indignant at first when I first realized months ago you were basically doing all of the… Read more »