I guess this is my reward for not giving up

This whole unauthorized transaction thing has been killing me the last couple of days.  It should all be fixed in the next day or so but until then, things are really, really tight. 

I was really stressing out today because I had almost no gas and a ton of driving to do.

I literally had to go and count change to put some gas in the tank, so I can make it until tomorrow.

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After Gavin’s appointment, I stopped at Get Go to put $2.85 worth of fuel in the tank. 

Turns out I was in for a surprise. 

I had $1.50 off per gallon with my Giant Eagle fuel perks and didn’t know it.  That translated to an entire tank of gas for only $0.78.

This totally made my day and it’s one less thing I have to worry about.  Apparently, that’s my reward for not giving up. ☺😊

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