I have a ton to do before the boys leave for their visit

It’s going to be a pretty busy day.  After I get the boys to school, I have to take Gavin to get his blood work done. 

I’m going to need to do Gavin’s IVIG infusion as soon as we get back because they will be leaving for their Mom’s at 3:15 pm.


I’ll need to get everyone packed while Gavin’s doing his infusion. 

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The boys get picked up at school by 3pm and we’ll have to go straight home because their Mom and Grandma will probably be there already.

It will be one of those move from one car to the next for them and I’m not a huge fan of that but as long as they are doing okay, that’s all that matters. 

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I have no plans for the time they are away.  It’s sorta sad but it gives me a chance to get some guilt free sleep.  Zzzzz

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