Why I purposely try to trick my son with #Autism

I know that trying to trick someone is generally considered to be mean or not nice.  Trying to trick a child with special needs sounds even worse. 

That being said, I do try to trick Gavin from time to time but there’s a very good reason for it. 


Despite how it sounds, I’m actually doing it because I love him.  Despite how that sounds, it’s the truth.  Let me explain. 

Gavin is much lower functioning than his brothers.  He’s intelligent but absolutely lacks anything resembling common sense or an ability to read people. 

What this basically means is that Gavin can very easily be influenced and I fear that someone might try to take advantage of this. 

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I’ve made it a point to try and approach him at random times and from various different angles.  My goal is to put him in a real life situation, while in a safe or controlled environment and see how he handle it. 

Sometimes I will approach him and act as though I’m angry about something I think he’s done. He is of course, completely innocent but I want him to stand up for himself. 

He used to just admit to doing whatever it was he’s been accused of doing.  That really made me nervous. 

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Now he stands his ground more often.  He’ll say that he didn’t do something or he’ll admit to it if he’s actually guilty. 

It’s these types of things that I have been able to teach him by putting him in these types of situations.  Over the last year or so, he’s getting much harder to trick. 

He’s learning to recognize sarcasm and he’s getting better in the area of problem solving, real life situations. 

Yes, I do try and trick my son with Autism but it’s for good reason and it’s working to his benefit. 

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Here’s an example of what I mean… 

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