I’m on pins and needles waiting to pick the boys up from school

I’m sitting here waiting for my kids to be dismissed from school.  I like to get to the school about an hour early because it’s quiet and I can write. 

Many times I visit the school staff and stay in tune with all that’s going on. 


This morning was a particularly bad morning for Emmett and I felt so horrible making him go to school because he was so upset and hyperventilating.

He wants to stay home with me and as much as I’d like to snuggle him all day, he needs to be in school.. That’s just the way it is..

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It’s the right thing to do but I feel like I’m abandoning him and I’m so afraid that he thinks I’m abandoning him as well. 

Anyway, he made the whole day but I’m praying he’s in a better place when he walks through the doors.

I’ll know the moment I see his face and that moment will determine the course the rest of the day takes. 

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I can’t thank the teachers and staff enough because they all became mothering hens.  They gave him hugs and helped him transition over this morning. 

It doesn’t hurt that they remind me that I’m doing the right thing and I’m not a bad parent. 

Fingers crossed that he had a good day or at least a decent day…  😕

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