Gavin is such an amazing kid and here’s a few reasons why

Gavin’s IVIG infusion took about an hour today and that’s amazing time.  He was quite happy with the process be are there wasn’t any leaking and he was able to play the newest game on his tablet.  He’s so easy to please.. ☺

I’m so inspired by Gavin because no matter what he has to deal with, he never complains or gripes about how unfair it is that this all happens to him. 

He’s the most unselfish person I know and regardless of how many times he fails at something, he just keeps trying.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him just give up on something before.  There are times when he will take a break due to frustration but he never just quits. 

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As far as driving me bonkers goes, he’s very gifted but I think I can drive him just as crazy and it’s become sort of a father son thing, that’s more positive in nature than it is annoying. 

He sleeping off the side effects of his infusion and the first thing he will do when he comes back downstairs, is ask if there’s anything he can do to help me. . ☺ 💙

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Gavin is such an amazing kid…


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  1. Kathryn

    This is such a wonderful post. I loved the part about you driving him crazy too. That’s what parents are for, right?! When I think of how easy many of us have it compared to Gavin and how we let life’s little annoyances get to us, it really highlights what a special young man you have.

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