Why am I so excited that all the boys will be having dinner with their Mom tonight?

The boys see Dr. Pattie tonight before going to have dinner with their Mom and Grandparents. Gavin’s feeling quite relieved that he won’t be left out, due to illness.  Elliott and Emmett will also be relieved that they won’t be going without him. 

Since everything has changed in their/our lives, they tend to prefer sticking together as a group. 

This is why I was so amazed that Elliott went this past weekend, even though Emmett was home sick.  Good for Elliott because that’s a big step forward for him.  Truthfully, if one of them stays home from school, the other does not want to be at school alone.

Anyhow, they will all be going tonight and that’s a shift back to our more typical routine.  Routines are soooooo important for kids on the Autism Spectrum, that they cannot be overstated.

Read This  Oops.... We overslept by a lot this morning

I’m all about getting them back into their routine be a use its good for them and it’s also good for me as well…. ☺


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