The boys had a good day at school but Elliott’s not feeling good. His stomach is really upset and he’s trying not to puke.  He’s cool and clammy, so I can tell he’s not feeling good.  He’s also really tired and not running around or eating dinner. 

I’m supposed to be taking the car in for repairs tonight and my Mom is coming over to sit with the boys.  I’m not sure what the right thing to do is.  I can always out off the repairs and stay home to comfort Elliott.  If he is actually dealing with a stomach bug and not just something he ate, I don’t want to expose my Mom either.

He said that he ate a lot of fruit today at school and I’m thinking that it’s upset his stomach. 

I gave him some tummy medicine and hopefully that will help him to feel better. 

I hate when the boys are sick like this.  😕


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