I have a puker in my house tonight

It’s been an eventful evening and the eventfulness will be lasting long into the night…

I got the car fixed, came home and got the boys in bed. Elliott was feeling much better after his 4 hour nap.  All was going well until about midnight, when Elliott woke up and puked all over the carpeted, bathroom floor. 

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He’s feeling much better but can’t sleep now and so we’re crashing on the couches..

I’m pretty sure I know why Elliott’s stomach was upset.  Everything he puked up was fruit.  I think he has too much fruit at school today and it just sat like a weight in his stomach.

He ate this fruit about 12 hours ago and it was still sitting in his stomach. 

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While the mess was unpleasant to clean up, Elliott’s feeling better and I don’t think he’s actually sick – sick…..

I’m so tired and I’m hoping to get at least some sleep tonight. 

The alarm company is finishing up the install in the morning and I want to get this done, so I can move forward with my review. 

I haven’t decided if Elliott will be going to school in the AM…  I suppose it depends on how he’s feeling and of he gets any sleep.

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