I’ve already canceled everything for Tuesday and here’s why

As of the time of this writing, everyone is doing better but .  I went ahead and canceled all therapies for Tuesday because Emmett will be home from anyway.  I would like a full day of everyone eating, without being sick.

I’m having to make preparations in the event that Gavin ends up in a bad way. I’ll explain more this in a different post.

There’s nothing going on that can’t either be rescheduled or skipped.

I also don’t want to participate in the spread of this stomach bug either, so I think this is for the best.

It’s more important that everyone get better, regain their strength and slowly get back into their .  Maybe I’ll be able to just sorta rest a bit myself.  I feel like I’ve been willing myself through this and teetering on the edge of actually getting sick and just feeling like crap.


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