I've already canceled everything for Tuesday and here's why -

I’ve already canceled everything for Tuesday and here’s why

As of the time of this writing, everyone is doing better but Gavin.  I went ahead and canceled all therapies for Tuesday because Emmett will be home from school anyway.  I would like a full day of everyone eating, without being sick.

I’m having to make preparations in the event that Gavin ends up in a bad way. I’ll explain more about this in a different post.

There’s nothing going on that can’t either be rescheduled or skipped.

I also don’t want to participate in the spread of this stomach bug either, so I think this is for the best.

It’s more important that everyone get better, regain their strength and slowly get back into their routine.  Maybe I’ll be able to just sorta rest a bit myself.  I feel like I’ve been willing myself through this and teetering on the edge of actually getting sick and just feeling like crap.


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