Please don't misunderstand the purpose of this blog -

Please don’t misunderstand the purpose of this blog

There are a few things to remember when it comes to reading and understanding this blog.

First of all, I own everyone of my mistakes.  I do so to such a level that I beat myself up for it.  I’m the opposite of perfect. When I try to explain the how’s and why’s, that’s not intended to be taken as an excuse for a ball I’ve dropped,  mistake I’ve made or for simply not keeping up with the things I should have. 

The reason I try to explain is because it provides context to the situation, with a goal helping my readers to gain more insight into the bigger picture. 

It’s also important because I want others to know that I understand their plight and can relate.  While that doesn’t mean anything to some people, it means a great deal to others and those are the ones I’m focusing on and trying to help.  If others learn something as well, that’s just bonus.  ☺


Some of my posts are written as I’m experiencing stressful situations and what you’re reading is my inner thought process, as I’m working through everything.  Typically, the end result or decision will differ from my initial reaction.  That’s because I’ve gone through the process and felt what I needed to feel before figuring out what I need to do. 

Perhaps that’s confusing sometimes because these posts tend to get picked apart. 

When something happens in our lives, we have an initial, knee-jerk reaction before we are able to step back and begin to process the experience and decide how we need to respond.  I think that’s something everyone does.  The difference here is that I’m letting you view that thought process, rather than just skip to the end.  For some people, it’s helpful to understand how or why I took a certain approach. 

Another misconception floating around the comments section on this blog is that I don’t tolerate differing opinions.  That’s simply not true. 

What I have a problem with are people who show no tact or respect and have an obviously negative tone.  It’s not their opinion I dislike, it’s their approach.  We don’t have to agree but treat me with a tiny bit of respect and your point will be much easier to digest.

I’ve also made changes to the commenting system in order to make it easier for people to leave comments without feeling they are personally exposed.  It allows for real-time discussion and it’s more fun with the ridiculous names of guest commenters.

Please remember that I use this blog as a means of helping cope with my very challenging life.  Writing helps me process things that happen.  I can write about it and walk away from it.  The reason I’ve made this blog public is because I’m trying to provide teachable moments, inspiration and a lit path for those more recently starting a similar journey.

Sometimes teachable moments are examples of what you might want to consider doing and other times it’s more along the lines of hey, please learn from my mistakes. 

Either way, I have no control over how anyone takes what they read.  It’s been my experience that some people will miss the message by a mile, while others will completely understand and relate 

It takes all kinds to make the world go round.

I welcome everyone, regardless of your opinion.  That being said, if you want me or anyone else to take you seriously, please approach your comments with a bit more tact, class, maybe toss in a smidgen of compassion and a dash of respect. 

Noone is perfect, least of all me but the reality of the situation is that unless you are in my shoes, you truly are in no place to cast judgment. 

Please help me keep this positive, educational and realistic…  ☺

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