I was NOT expecting to find this when I check on my kids before going to bed

I always check on the boys before I go to bed. Most of the time, there’s nothing really unusual  about what I’m seeing when I kiss them goodnight and whisper I love you one last time before I try to go to sleep myself. 

When I put them to bed last night, everyone was in their own spot and I never heard anyone moving around. 

Imagine my surprise when I went to check on them and found Emmett sleeping in Elliott’s bed. 

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While it’s obviously fricking cute, I’m left to wonder if Elliott knows anything about Emmett sleeping next to him? If he does know than good for him for being kind enough to let Emmett sleep in his bed. 

Knowing Emmett and Elliott as well as I do, I’m guessing that all this happened after Elliott feel asleep.  Lol

Either way, I’m going to sleep tonight knowing that the boys can indeed get along, even if it’s only when they’re sleeping. 

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