An important update to Gavin's recent health complications -

An important update to Gavin’s recent health complications

I heard back from Gavin’s immunologist this afternoon, in regards to the infusion spots that aren’t healing well.  I always find myself caught off guard because she always returns my calls personally.  That’s pretty amazing and one of the many reasons I’m willing to drive 90 minutes to bring the boys to see her.

For starters, she’s called in an antibiotic cream for the sores and he’ll start that in the morning when I pick it up.

Secondly, she wants him to take the week off of the IVIG.  I don’t think we’ve ever done that before but it serves a dual purpose.  It gives Gavin a chance to heal as well as gives us insight into how his body does without receiving the infusion for one week.

Finally, she wants to see him, which doesn’t surprise me.  The appointment was made for this Wednesday but tonight I realized that I double booked.  I’ll have to reschedule in the morning, for later this week.

Gavin’s really nervous about being off his IVIG but he should be fine.  No one’s sick right now and we need to know how his immunodeficiency has progressed.

It’s never going to get better but it has gotten worse over the years.

Hopefully, everything will check out and we can find a solution for this whole mess because it causes Gavin a great deal of stress……


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