We had 4 MAJOR #Autism related hurdles to overcome this morning  – Page 2

We had 4 MAJOR #Autism related hurdles to overcome this morning 

How about there was no pizza for their school lunches.. 
Obviously, not having clothes is a big deal and sending them to school in their underpants was said in jest. That being said, having pizza in their school lunch is an absolutely critical part of their weekday routine. 

The boys will only eat certain things and when it comes to school lunches, pizza is all they will eat. It’s been that way for years. We’ve tried to move away from that but unfortunately, this is just one of their things. 

I had to find a pizza place that would deliver pizza after midnight. Not only that, but it had to be something the boys would actually eat and honestly, I didn’t expect to win this battle. Fortunately, I found a gyro place that serves pizza as well, and delivers after midnight. Thankfully, this is one of three pizza places the boys will actually eat from. ☺ 

It was roughly 1:15 AM before the delivery guy arrived, but that resolved a bug issue. 

The last hurdle we had to overcome was simply informing the kids at 7 AM, that they had school today. This was a big deal because they were not planning on going to school. This was a sudden and unexpected change. 

As you may or may not know, change in any form, is not something kids with Autism deal with very well. My kids are no exception to this rule. I have the bald head and graying beard to prove it. 😁 

Elliott was resistant this morning but Emmett actually did a very good job. 

Thankfully, the boys got ready and were off to school on time. This was only possible because my Mom picked them up. Remember, our car is still in the shop. 

 By the time we made it through all this crap, I was too tired to go walking this morning. I do plan on hitting the treadmill today, at least once. 

I’m absolutely exhausted but after today, we finally get our routine back. 

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