You won’t believe what the worst part of the eye appointment was for my son with #Autism 

Apparently, there’s a new policy where patients are given wrist bands with their information on it. This is the exact same thing someone gets when they are admitted to the hospital or run through the emergency room. 

The nurses scan the barcode on the band to confirm identity when giving meds or eye drops… 

Emmett wasn’t having any of that shit. That little red band drove him fucking crazy. While we were waiting for his eyes to dilate, I tried to help him work through it but if I didn’t get it removed, he was going to chew his hand off. I explained to the staff that he was Autistic and he just couldn’t deal with the wrist band. They removed it and Emmett was immediately in a better mood. 

Sensory issues are very real and the people they impact are dealing with a very debilitating condition, that you can’t see with your eyes. 

Anyway, the rest of the appointment went fine. 

As for Emmett’s vision going black, as he describes it, we aren’t sure what’s going on. The doctor explained that anatomically, what he’s describing is almost impossible, unless it’s cardiac related. 

That being said, if it were cardiac related, we would be seeing some very serious symptoms, similar to what Gavin experiences during an autonomic crisis. 

His eyes physically checked out. His optic nerve, retina and blood vessels look perfect. At this point, we are going to closely monitor him and see if it happens again. If it does, he will probably need to go on a heart monitor for a period of time, to see what’s going on. 

Hopefully, this was something that isn’t going to happen again and things will be fine. 

He does need new glasses. The strength is about the same but they need to tweak the way light hits his retina, because he’s more far sided than before and his astigmatism is a bit worse.

We did get his new glasses ordered but there’s a frustrating story there. I’ll share that later on. 

Here’s some pictures from our adventures at the eye doctor and beyond.. ☺


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