Tuesday night therapy

The boys and I are going to therapy without Lizze. She had a rough day in class and had a major panic attack. She’s at home resting in bed. Hopefully, she’ll be feeling better in a little while. 

In the course of my life, I’ve only ever had one or two major panic attacks, and from what I remember, they were exhausting. 

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I feel for Lizze, because I know how tough those were for me, and I don’t have any serious anxiety issues like she does. I hope she finds some peace while she’s resting and we can get in with our day. If not, I’ll help her any way that I can. ♥ 


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    Sorry to hear this. I’ve never had a panic attack, although I’ve suffered from anxiety most of my life. It’s not too bad now. My husband had a panic attack and thought it was a heart attack. My younger son had some but concealed it from us, at least until he got counseling to deal with his health. His meds have really helped and he’s even cut back on them.

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