Guess who didn’t go to school this morning 

Guess who didn’t go to school this morning 

Just a quick update to let you all know that Elliott is home from school today. He’s running a fever and not feeling well. Emmett did end up at school, but not without some serious convincing. 

My Mom was kind enough to get Emmett to school, despite his efforts to stay home, because he didn’t want to go alone. 

Elliott’s spent the day resting, and his fever is going down. Gavin’s spent the entire day in his room, doing things with his team of super best friends. I guess there must have been many things to do in the Super Robot (Gavin’s base of operations). 

Lizze will be home shortly, in theory. There are some traffic things slowing that process down a bit. 

I will pick up Emmett and bring him home, just long enough for those of us without fevers to go see Dr. Pattie for therapy. Lizze will probably stay behind with Elliott, while I’ll take Gavin and Emmett to therapy. 

It already feels like it’s been a really long day. 

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