A rough start to the new year

A rough start to the new year

I welcomed the new year alone and battling insomnia. Lizze pooped out about 9 PM, shortly after the boys went to bed. It wasn’t exactly how I wanted to ring in the new year but there were reasons why I was okay with it.

Lizze going to bed at 9 PM, when we had plans to celebrate the new year together could sorta be annoying. Unfortunately, she’s been struggling with sleep lately and working hard to get back on a healthy sleep cycle. Her falling asleep at 9 PM is a very positive thing and frankly, it’s a massive relief to know she’s actually getting sleep, when she should be getting sleep.

I watched a few episodes of Supernatural and did some writing.

Sleep eluded me for a couple of reasons. Everything going on with my grandfather has me emotionally struggling. There’s nothing I can do about my grandfather and so I revert to focusing on getting my wisdom teeth removed, which is something tangible. This is what I do when I’m being too heavily influenced by my depression.

I did eventually fall asleep but it wasn’t until 2 AM.

Anyway, I was able to sleep in a bit and now I’m going to take advantage of the break in the weather. It’s the first day of the new year and I’m going to get things off on the right foot by making sure I go walking.

We are probably going to visit my grandfather later today.

I hope you’re having a great new day..

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Happy New Year to the Gorskis! “May the new year bring you an abundance of amazing opportunities, beautiful moments,and joyful experiences. May your positive actions and attitude inspire others. May you be brave enough to take on and overcome rewarding challenges.” Zara Dean


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year dear Gorskis! Big shout out from Amsterdam!

Todd Redwine

…hear that…hey just mix death head and shock coffee 1/3 ratio…..the room vibrates slightly……but so what the kids jumping all the time anyway….

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