We had a heartbreaking start to the day -

We had a heartbreaking start to the day

I received a call this morning from my Mother. It was really early and she was pretty upset. At some point this morning, a baby black squirrel was hit by a car. Of course, this little black squirrel didn’t die, and it dragged itself up my parents driveway, squealing outside their door. 

My Dad was at work and so it became my job to go and help her with this injured fur baby, even on my only day to sleep in. lol

Lizze and I got up, and headed over to help my Mom. 

When we got there, we were unprepared for what we would find. This poor thing had a broken back, and was paralyzed from what would amount to the waist down. It was so scared, and it broke our hearts. 

Lizze, who isn’t a huge nature person, immediately reacted by petting it gently and trying to provide it comfort. She very carefully picked it up, after it was trying to drag itself away. 

The little squirrel didn’t bite or show any aggression. My Mom put a box together, with an old sheet, and Lizze gently placed the baby in there. 

It was completely heartbreaking to see this poor creature suffering so much. 

The wildlife center wasn’t open yet, so we went to our old vet, who used to treat wildlife for free. That didn’t work, and we were directed to a different vet in North Canton, who then directed us to the wild life center in Massillon. We arrived there only to find out that they had moved to Hartville, another thirty minutes away. 

By this time, we had been driving for about ninety minutes, and traveled to four different cities, just to find someone to help this little injured squirrel. 

The reality was, the squirrel was going to have to be put down because there was no coming back from this injury, no pun intended. When we arrived at the wild life center, we spoke with the people working there and they examined him. 

We learned that we were right in regards to its back being broken. They explained that there was nothing that could be done. The poor thing began having seizures, and needed to be euthanized. 

It was really sad, but they are very humane in their approach to euthanasia. This little guy will no longer fear or suffer, and Lizze and I will take comfort in that. 

We didn’t get to sleep this morning, but we’re always willing to help family, especially my Mom. It took all morning, but I feel like we made a small difference. If we had it to do over, I would have skipped right to the end, because he wouldn’t have suffered so long, but we would have still helped. 

It’s strange how such a tiny life, can have such a big impact on ours. I hope this baby squirrel is in a better place.. 

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Aw. Poor thing.


Aw. Poor thing.

Rob Gorski

It was really sad…

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