The fallout is worse than the cause -

The fallout is worse than the cause

The good news is that it’s much cooler today. Elliott’s still dealing with heat rash, and Emmett won’t wear any clothes, but at this moment, the boys are in a good mood. 

Gavin’s been hiding in his bedroom for most of the day thus far. 

Lizze started a new, art based therapy class today. She graduated from the first DBT class yesterday. I’m really proud of her, as I know this isn’t close to being easy. 

I still haven’t heard back from the HVAC company about tomorrow’s service. I’ve no idea what to expect. At the very least, we’re looking at $90 for the call to diagnose the problem. From there, it depends on what’s covered under warranty, and what isn’t. Then of course, there’s the labor. 

Frankly, the heat sucks, but it’s bearable for me. What’s not bearable is how the kids are reacting to the heat. I can only take so much on a good day, and these haven’t been good days.

I need a break from the meltdowns, more than anything else. I need to sleep in my own bed, and I need the kids to sleep in theirs. The fallout from the A/C going down is far worse than the A/C being down, if that makes sense.. 

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