I’ve been going a few rounds with #Depression again

Depression is something I’ve been living with for over half my life. Depression is war, and many battles have been fought. I’ve lost some of those battles, but there are also quite a few that I’ve won. 

At this moment in time, there’s a lot going on in my life and I can find myself feeling scattered. 

To be completely candid, I suspect part of the reason I’m tired all the time, has to do Depression. It’s not like I don’t have a million other reasons to be tired as well. Depression isn’t making it any easier. 

I’m taking my meds, and I see my doctor in August for a check up. 

Unfortunately, my life produces conditions, that are absolutely perfect for fostering Depression. It has nothing to with the kids, at least in regards to it being their fault. It has more to do with the overarching shitstorm that we tend to live in the middle of. 

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I put more pressure on myself than anyone else, possibly could. That tends to be my calling card. 

One of the things I need to do right now, is push myself to walk. Walking helps me cope with Depression in ways medication can’t. 

I’m off to a good start, because I hit the treadmill yesterday, and felt amazing afterwards. I’m going to do the same today, and create a new routine. The more I exercise, the better I feel. 

The tough part is working up the motivation to do that. I did awesome yesterday, and I’m aiming for more awesomeness today… 

I will always find myself going a few rounds with Depression, sometimes I’ll win, but others I won’t. It’s all about never giving up, and never giving up.