Strange new symptoms  -

Strange new symptoms 

Gavin’s been complaining of headaches almost every night after going to bed. Last night was no exception and I haven’t a clue what’s behind this. 

None of his medications have changed in months, and I know he’s plenty hydrated. Those are the first things we thought of when these headaches began occurring with more and more frequency. 

We also looked at allergies as well but they appear to be managed. 

Something else we have to consider is whether or not Gavin is experiencing a headache, or if something else is causing him discomfort and he’s labeled it a headache. 

Gavin is not a reliable source of information about his own body. He struggles with describing how he’s feeling and often does so in ways that make no sense or can even be unintentionally misleading. 

He does see his neurologist next month, and we will bring this to his attention. 

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