Gavin is so gullible and that scares me

I tried explaining to him that this was all just for fun and it wasn’t real. I did that for two reasons. The first reason was he that was rubbing it in to his brothers, who got placed in houses they didn’t like. It was upsetting them and I was trying to explain to him that it was just a toy.

The second and more important reason was because it concerns me that he be so easily swayed into believing what a complete stranger tells him.

I get this was innocent and fun but he needs to understand that he can’t just believe what strangers tell him.

This is very concerning because it makes me wonder what else he would believe.

Would he believe someone telling him to climb it the back of a sketchy van because their puppy is hurt and needs his help? We have to be careful because Gavin is very gullible and extremely trusting. We live in a world where soulless people would exploit that.

I thought we were good in this area but perhaps we need to revisit some basic safety rules.

We won’t single him out and instead use this opportunity to review safety rules with all three of the boys.

I’m not gonna lie to you. I was sorta at a loss when Gavin explained how the hat was real and it chose him for Gryffindor because that’s the best fit for his personality.

We’re going to need to have a talk with him.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Now from all the things you’ve said about Gavin previously, I am not surprised. Not only that, but since he already believes he goes on missions I can see him believing in Harry Potter magic. I know you enforce on Gavin the idea that he can only do his missions in his room. But I can see how his schizophrenia makes it impossible to distinguish reality from fantasy. His gullibility seems baked into his life with the schizophrenia.

Suzanne Olsen

people with autism do take things literally. We lack what’s known as cognitive empathy.

The Autism Dad

Thanks Suzanne for the insight. ☺

Suzanne Olsen

The Autism Dad you’re welcome


While I completely understand your concerns and frustrations, I am nevertheless glad he was “chosen” for Gryfyndoor.


Tough to balance Gavin’s magical beliefs against the other kids’ need to understand their world accurately. The younger boys needed to hear that the hat’s choice wasn’t based on their personality — but Gavin believed it did. Problem.

I suspect, sadly, that you will have to talk more and more to the younger boys to get them to understand that what Gavin believes isn’t necessarily real or true. It’s sad because you can’t get Gavin to a rational place, so you are going to have to put very grown-up stuff on your other kids.

Todd Keller

This is exactly how my son is but with him he has no concept of stranger danger he will go up and talk to anyone and believe anything they say I worry about it all the time.

The Autism Dad

You aren’t alone Todd. It’s exhausting isn’t it.