Describe your #Autism Parenting experience in 3 words

I haven’t done one of these in a long time. This is both fun and educational, all at the same time.

People tend to either forget or miss altogether the fact that every Autism family is different because every person with Autism is different.

By taking a second and describing your experience being an Autism parent in 3 words, you will help others realize the differences and maybe even learn something yourself.

Please leave your 3 words in the comments below. You can also reply to the original tweet or the post on Facebook. All the comments sync up so whatever is most convenient for you. ☺

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  • Curtis G says:

    Challenging..Frustrating..Sad (Sad for my son and what his life should have been)

  • Sandra says:

    backward forward steps

  • Facebook Profile photo BeckyW says:

    Frustrating. Challenging. Hopeful.