We seriously need to get caught up and here’s why

We’ve also seen an uptick in significant Meltdowns with Gavin as well. He’s had a pretty massive one tonight before bed. 😔

Anyway, we have seen some positive things and some not so positive things.

Let me just give you the general rundown and I’ll just list them below:


  • The internet is finally working
  • I’ve been able to get out walking almost every night
  • We caught one of the raccoons yesterday (see the video below)
  • The boys and I have been working on a Minecraft Realm together, each night before bed
  • I’ve gained two new advertising gigs and assuming they do what they have agreed to do, we will slowly be getting back on our feet

Not so Positive

  • Emmett’s in a fever flare for the first time in quite some time
  • My grandfather is back in the hospital
  • There’s still at least one more raccoon to catch
  • School starts in two days and money’s insanely tight
  • I’m going to need to figure out how to go grocery shopping
  • The brakes on the front end of the car are having pretty major problems
  • Gavin’s Meltdowns are getting worse

That about sums things up for now. I’m exhausted and after sleeping on the couch with Emmett last night, I need to get some sleep tonight.

As promised, the video below shows how someone with zero experience trapping wild animals, goes about trapping raccoons in their attic. Be advised that in the heat of the moment, I do use some colorful language.


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