What will happen to my kids with #Autism when I’m gone?

I’ve really been struggling with the idea of turning 40 on Friday. In fact, I’ve been struggling so much, that I’ve been telling everyone my birthday is on Thursday when Emmett pointed out to me last night, that it’s actually Friday.

There are countless reasons that anyone would stress out about hitting the big 4 – 0 but for me, there’s one reason in particular that’s eating away at me.

To be honest, I’ve only realized this because of the back and forth I’ve been having with some of my readers. Hearing others people’s thoughts helps me put mine into frame.

My struggle isn’t about getting older, feeling older or even looking older. It’s not about a mid-life crisis or that I’m second guessing my life choices, although to be fair, there are mistakes I wish I could go back and undo.

The pain I’m feeling right now (and pain is a good description of it) has nothing to do with regrets either.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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We have the same thought s with our son too

Mark Tully

Absolutely same here.


I totally understand it’s my greatest fear as well

Cindy Jones

Rob, with all the stress you have going on right now, why would you add this to the list? There is no guarantee that any of us will be here tomorrow, or hell even by the end of the day. Yes, some plans will have to be put in place for the boys when the time comes that you and Lizze are not able to or not here to care for them anymore, but losing sleep and stressing over it isn’t the answer. I’m not sure what type of support is available in the U.S.A. for persons with developmental disabilities but it’s something that you should look into. Not today or tomorrow, but it is something you should and need to explore.


Rob, you might want to talk to more counselors of disabled adults living in a group home. Or really, any other specialist who is involved with dealing with this type of situation. I know when I’m facing upsetting type situations that it helps me to get information in dealing with said problem. The more you know, the better you can plan Gavin’s life and relieve some of your own anxiety.

Thomas Field

Im liking this tweet but i dont think i can read the artical. Its been a worry of mine for years