Such is the life of an #Autism family

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As many Americans are already aware, we’re halfway through a 3 day weekend. We’re having a family cookout today in honor of Labor Day. It’s going to be hot out and the kids are probably going to be a handful when we get home but we don’t get to see everyone all that often.

I have to make it to the store before we have to leave because I need to buy a new hat. The one you’ve seen me wearing in all the pictures literally fell apart like paper when I tried to wash it last night.

Being among those who sport a shaved head, I need the protection from the sun.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to end up walking today but I will in the morning. I’m just really tired and we don’t have a great deal of time before we need to leave. I don’t know, maybe I will anyway.

It should be a fun day but we’ll most likely pay for it when it’s all said and done. Such is the life of an Autism family.

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  • Kelli Cole Kelli Cole says:

    I get this. I have 2 of my 3 on Spectrum. The younger with severe ADHD to add to our fun.