My kids with #Autism don't do well with change but as their parent, I sure as Hell better be able to adapt - Page 2 of 2 -

My kids with #Autism don’t do well with change but as their parent, I sure as Hell better be able to adapt

Unfortunately, due to insanely hot weather this week, school has been called off.

Taking the boys to Cleveland with us would likely be a disaster. We’ve very much outgrown the car and the boys have zero room. They don’t like touching the person next to them and it’s impossible to avoid in our current situation.

It’s one of the reasons we avoid unnecessary trips out of town with everyone in tow. It’s too crowded and they just don’t do well.

Thankfully, Lizze’s Mom was willing to still pick the kids up and instead of taking them to school, she’s going to take them back to her house.

The boys are good with that and frankly, it will make the trip a bit easier, especially if we end up facing some difficult news.

We’ll pick the kids up on the way home, after Gavin’s bloodwork. We’ll head to the BMV and be home in time to unwind a bit before going to see Dr. Pattie.

Hopefully, there won’t be anymore surprises in store for today but if there is, I simply have to adapt as best I can and keep moving forward.

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Suzanne Olsen

Fair enough too. Hope everything went ok despite the sensory overloads and rough day with change of routine.

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