We have a very, very important appointment with hematology at @AkronChildrens Hospital today

We have a huge doctor appointment today. Actually, Gavin has a huge doctor appointment today. The bottom line is that’s it’s a huge appointment.

We are finally getting into hematology, after trying for what seems like forever but in reality, it was about a year or so.

This is a big deal because it’s really the first new specialist we’ve seen in a long time.

Gavin for the last couple of years has been dealing with an unknown blood disorder that causes his Absolute Neutrophil count to drop to dangerous levels and his platelets get very low as well.

We have no explanation for this aside from it’s a side effect of the Clozapine. That’s a possibility but we aren’t convinced that’s the case.

It’s also possible that it can be related to his Common Variable Immunodeficiency but we aren’t sure of that either.

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