It’s really stressful when my son’s medications don’t arrive on time

Gavin is officially out of his IVIG medication and he’s not been able to do his IVIG infusion today as a result.

I’ve spoken with the home care pharmacy that’s responsible for delivering these life saving medications and they’re out for delivery today. That’s good to hear, it really is..

That being said, why do we have to cut things so close? Why not provide an overlap because things happen and an overlap would prevent him from missing his infusions as the result of a shipping delay.

That makes sense to me..

At the very least, it would alleviate the anxiety sorrounding this time of month when his supplies are depleted, he needs his infusion and the delivery hasn’t arrived..

Life is stressful enough and this would make it a little more bearable.


  1. Yeah, this seems like incompetence on someone’s part to do this.

    1. Maybe not so much incompetence but perhaps lacking forethought.. ☺

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